Managing Partners

Darrin A. Landry is the author of Optical Coherence Tomography, A Clinical Atlas of Retinal Images and Retinal Imaging Simplified, and is co-author of Optical Coherence Tomography and OCT Angiography.
World renowned for his expertise in all aspects of ophthalmic imaging, Darrin has designed seminars, lectured and published extensively in this field. Here are some facts:

  • 29 years of ophthalmic experience
  • Lecturer, workshop instructor for AAO, OPS, JCAHPO, ASORN, ATPO
  • Authored three books and multiple papers on ophthalmic imaging and ophthalmology
  • Has won multiple awards for publications and lectures, including: Don Wong Award for Most Excellent Presentation (twice), Chris Barry Award for Best Journal Article and Hawaiian Eye Meeting Speaker of the Day Award
  • Ophthalmic consultant for Regeneron, Abbott (both national and international), Bayer, Genentech, Topcon, Zeiss, DARC, REDIARC and Duke University
  • Implemented and trained researched protocols in No. America, Europe and So. America
  • Lectures an average of 30 times annually
  • Held positions on national ophthalmic organizations including educational boards

Deb Landry







Deb Landry has worked in healthcare administration for over 35 years specializing in organizational and operational management.

As president and co-owner of BTI, she oversees, develops and manages seminars, executive duties, marketing, project management, administration, communications and  contracting.
Her experience includes:

  • 22 years as a medical management consultant
  • 35 years in healthcare management as CEO, COO
  • Lecturer, author, trainer, event planner, seminar and educational event coordinator
  • Publisher and Editor
  • Business and Professional Image consultant